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Orsay - December 4, 2012

Vocapia Research announces the availability of a speech-text alignment functionality on its web service. Speech-text alignment is the process of synchronizing a speech signal with a speech transcript or a closely related text, providing timecodes for words and sentences. There are many uses of this technology, including audio books, language learning, and video subtitling.

The speech-text alignment process assigns timecodes to each word and each punctuation mark in the audio transcript and provides confidence scores to identify areas where the alignment may not be perfect in particular when the transcript differs from what has really been said.

This new functionnality is offered on Vocapia web service via a simple and efficient REST API as for Vocapia speech-to-text technology.

About Vocapia Research

Vocapia Research is a French R&D company and software publisher with over 20 years of experience in providing leading edge speech technologies for many languages, including most major European languages as well as Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian. The Vocapia Research VoxSigma® software suite uses advanced language technologies such as language identification, speech recognition, and speaker identification to transform raw audio and audiovisual data into structured and searchable XML documents. This technology relies on decades of research at LISN, with which there is a privileged partnership. Joint systems developed with LISN have achieved top ranks in national and international challenges on speech-to-text transcription. Located at the heart of the science innovation cluster of Paris Saclay, France, Vocapia Research is a leader in developing and adapting AI-based solutions for both civil and defence applications. These applications include audio and audiovisual data mining (broadcast and web data, telephone speech), production of subtitles, OSINT and COMINT, and the analysis of aeronautical communications (air traffic control, voice command). Readers who wish to get more information about Vocapia Research are invited to check out the Vocapia Research website or use the contact information page http://www.vocapia.com/contact.


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